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                Little did I know two decades ago, that my husband gifting me my first ever camera would light the flame of my biggest passion - photography. I've had the tremendous opportunity to be a resident in a few cities that are very different from one another: Sofia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris. During my time there I sought to capture and document the reality, the moments and emotions of people's lives, friends and strangers, and the beauty within each one. 


All that with love, respect and humor.  


- PatternsOnTheGo      3.06-6.06.2016,

                                                 9 photos in a  group exhibition in Pop-up gallery, Paris 75003


- Je(ux) est un autre    12.09 - 30.10. 2018,

                                               4 photos in a group exhibition in The French Playing Card Museum, Issy-les-Moulineaux

- 7 weeks in Paris        5.08 - 15.09. 2021,

                                             7 photos in a partnership exhibition in Art Club Michelle Sozopol, Bulgaria

- 7 weeks in Paris       15.09 - 7. 11. 2021

                                             7 photos in a partnership Exhibition in Art Gallery Kazanlak, Bulgaria





- Reframing                   1.03-23.03.2022,  

                                            7 photos in a group Exhibition in Military School, Paris  75007


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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